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 To humble oneself by kneeling before a brother and being in service to his body, mind and spirit is a great gift. 
This is the essence of Toe Reading!
A person's history is in their feet.  The feet are our metaphysical diary and tell a lot about the walk we have had in our lives.
Every thought, every event and it's spiritual and emotional impact on the person is recorded in the feet.
Bad shoes?  Broke your toe?  Had foot surgery?  ALL of those issues are part of the story!
Notice the Earth Toe (fifth) is swollen from injury.  Although the toe was not broken it was seriously injured.  This toe represents abundance and prosperity. So this foot is speaking of issues in that area.
Quite often we can see past life issues in people's feet
This nine month old baby was born with seven toes and no tibia. Unfortunately, this baby had his leg removed just below the knee two months after this photo.
There are always things that happen in humanity that can never be answered for sure. 
This foot has two Great Toes which could mean he has two life purposes.  The fact that the two toes are webbed together could also mean that both life purposes are supportive of each other and provide strength for the other.
He also has two Air Toes which are about communication.  This child could be a great spiritual teacher with a powerful mission.
Regardless, that the doctors cut off his leg and foot, that does not take away the energy he was born with.  It will always remain with him for it is a part of his soul path.
There is no indicaton anywhere else on his body that there was another fetus in the womb with him early in the pregnancy.
When I saw this child on his mother's hip I was awe struck with my first soul impression that this was a little Buddah.  A child destined for a great life of teaching love and compassion.
He will have his challenges but he is going to be just fine.  I feel this in my heart!
"Oh! My feet look like this because of the shoes I wear! (or, "used to wear").
If a woman constantly wears shoes that hurt her feet enough to cause foot maladies, then WHAT is in her THINKING that says that's okay to do to herself?  
 Most women tell me they were trying to look sexy to catch a man.  Ever see Demi Moore in "G.I. Jane"?  A woman can be sexy in combat boots if she wants to.  I understand that high heels have a certain appeal. Once in a while is fine, but chronic wearing to the point of damage delves into the realm of lacking reason!
 If women really understood their worth, who they really are, deep inside, I know they would rethink the constant wearing of high heels.
For centuries it has been customary in China to bind girls feet so they never reach healthy adult size. 
The smaller the feet the sexier the lady!  Oh yeah?  Check out how her toes wrap around to the underside of her foot and are permanently stuck there!   This is very sexy!  According to somebody else!  Can you imagine her suffering throughout her life everytime she tried to walk? 
Of course we don't have such obvious extremes; however, you'd be surprised at what I have seen. 
Below is an enlarged view  showing how her toes are stuck under her foot.  They are
flattened like Play Dough.  The deep crevace was from the binding.
Below is a photo from 1902 showing a woman with an unbound foot in comparison to the bound feet.  Binding feet was a huge status symbol.  If you had "normal" feet you were a peasant and worked fields.  The wealthy girls could never do any work like that because their feet would not allow that. This practice is now outlawed in China.  Only elderly women are afflicted with this fashion trend.
Everything IS something!  Many books are written about the truth of our thoughts manifesting into our personal and environmental reality.
One of the best books, in my opinion is Michael Lincoln's "Messages From The Body".
I have given this book to Dr. Masaru Emoto and to International Medical Intuitive Caroline Sutherland.
I offered a copy to Louise Hay.  She said, "Oh thank you, but I have one Linda, how else do you think I wrote all my books?"  Her friend was wide-eyed and said, "I'd LOVE to have a book like that!" So I gave it to her. 
My own doctors have purchased copies from me.  I ordered cases of them to have available at my talks.  I think people should have this book.
 Since then, the price has gone up considerably, because more material has been added ,and the author has changed publishing methods.  Still, the book is worth the cost.  Every home, and every health practitioner should have one.
Talking Hearts Online Bookstore is the official seller of books by Michael J. Lincoln worldwide except for Canada.
There are many books on reflexology that can assist you in understanding areas in your feet and their connections to other parts of your body.  Your feet can give you great messages about what it happening internally.
Learning about reflexology can help you understand a great deal about the mechanics of energy in the body and its affects.
Refer to my Book Recommendations Page for titles and authors.
Once you learn about your feet you have the opportunity to make new choices in your lifestyle and your thinking which can bring about wonderful positives.
There are some people who never give their feet any care, thinking that most of the year they are hidden in shoes so why bother.
Your feet are very important, and accurate guages of health, state of mind, history and over all well being.  It's important that you take time to care for your feet and to NOTICE what they are trying to tell you.
A  Very Brief Sample Toe Reading
These feet have a very big story with a lot of bumps in the road.  She has had a lot of challenges  and yet has great potential for success in every area, is very social, creative, an independant thinker and a strong spirit.
Her feet show that she has a lot of great ideas. She has a lot of faith and trust. Her toes also indicate that she might have even more to say, or create in the future. 
 It seems there are a lot of things she would like to do for herself that for some reason she is withholding from doing.
Her actions in the world may keep her away from close relationships.  She could be a "workaholic" , or uses work as a shield from close relationship, yet she is not short of relationships.  It would imagine she is very friendly and outspoken. 
She has a lot of strength in her ability to be abundant and prosperous. She doesn't dwell a lot in the past and she only worries a little. 
She had some heavy emotional impact in her midyears.  In spite of that she still finds space to be upbeat and outgoing.
There is a lot more to read in these expressive feet. But this is just a small sample of things that can be seen in feet.
“Bringing Light to Possibilities “is mypurpose.
It is a great honor to kneel in service before you, helping to  light the way to empower your walk in this life; to help you find healing, and hidden answers.
I often tell my clients "We know what we know, and we know what we don't know, but we do not know what we don't know, and the only way we can find that part of ourselves is through the perspective and feedback of others.  Toe Reading is a great example of that hidden information we don't know that could be the key to finding our life path, our happiness and living our purpose.
Many people ask me if I see weird feet.  Well, I wouldn't say feet are weird, they are just different stories.
A lot of conditions of the feet are surgically repaired. However, if the "story" in the thinking doesn't change then the feet will return to their pre-surgery states in more cases than not.
This foot speaks of how she believes it is dangerous it is to communicate and how in midlife some event or belief was created that made her toe "recoil at the idea of expressing herself.  There is a lot of story in this foot, but that is the main issue her.
What is Toe Reading?  Bringing Light to Possibilites! 
Have you ever really looked at your toes? Have you notice your toes change throughout your life?  Did you ever think that your toes could tell a story?  Quite interestingly,  toes are a diary of life; the steps we have taken and the experiences we have had. 
Are we living in our power, or being suppressed?  Are we walking our purpose?  Do we have great ideas? Do we worry?  Are we experiencing true love, passion, trust, prosperity, hardship, responsibility? Are we on task? Is there hidden talent?
 The answers are registered in the toes. 
 Toes tell the stories we don't always remember; or our ancestors’ story that has been passed down to us.  “The sins of the father will be visited upon the sons for seven generations.” 
This is referring to the vibration of thought which creates form, which is stored in the DNA; otherwise referred to as “CELL MEMORY”!
Toe Reading is based on the theory that your body holographically records the story of your life.   
 By observing our toes, we see a great deal about our past and the experiences we have lived through. 
Toe reading is simply an observation of your 'thought forms
King Soloman said, “As a man thinketh, so shall he be!” 
Toe reading helps people to understand that the thoughts that formed during an emotionally charged time will ultimately show up in the toes as the physical printout of the path we have been walking.  
If our toes are affected by our thoughts then so is the entire body and our surroundings.  In thruth all that we think truly affects the whole of Creation.
There are five basic elements to reading your toes.  (The following is for someone who is right handed.)
 The Grand Toe is the Ether element, your destiny toe, your life purpose or path.
 The second toe is the Air element / communication toe.
 The third toe is the Fire element or your passion/action toe.
The fourth toe is the Water element / relationship toe.
The fifth toe is the Earth element, your prosperity or trust.
 Your right foot can depict how you relate to the world.
 The left how you relate to yourself and to Spirit.
The left, and right, foot seldom has the same story.   Notice the feet below. The right air toe seems to have a lot to say in the world but is pulling back.  Yet the left air toe seems more straight forward with Self and God.
When reading toes, it’s important to notice everything about the toes. Scars, color, texture, bends, bruises, cuts, callous, wrinkle, etc., each mark a different experience, or thought pattern, in your life.
Notice if your toes are rigid or flexible, whether they point up or down, or if they curve to the side, and if they do, which toe and which way do they curve?
These are all tools used to describe a past experience or life path. Your nails and nail beds also play a role in your story. Your nails are thought patterns.
They are recorded almost immediately and show up first as a change in direction. Nails are a very important part of reading your toes.
The more challenges, or hardships, in your life, the more curves, bumps, bends, marks or wrinkles your toes will have. A very common question we hear in toe reading is
"Do your toes change as the story changes?" The answer is, "Yes, absolutely, your toes can change."  Sometimes immediately and other times it may take a few days, or weeks, or even years. It is different for each individual.
Most people want to know what their life purpose is, or what is blocking them?  The feet are a huge key to answering those questions.I give private readings  in my office, in your community, church, bookstores, bridal and baby showers, parties, healing retreats, resorts, spiritual gatherings, seminars  leadership camps, corporate retreats, and even weddings!
If you live out of state, or another country, I would be happy to serve you on line.   E-mail a picture of your toes and I can either email your reading back to you or we can schedule a time to go over it on the telephone.   If you have a group need I am able to fly for free, or for a small service charge, to your state or country because I am also an active duty flight attendant for a commercial airline.
For More info on an online toe reading, email Linda L.H. SmithRegistered Master Toe Reader, Southwest Institute Healing Arts, at : LetsAskLinda@yahoo.com, or go to:  www.GreatTherapists.com .
 Get your friends together for a fun toe reading party. It makes for great conversation!  I look forward to being of service to you.
Do you see anything in these toes? Look closely and intuit what "might" be a story about the path these toes have walked! When we do a toe reading you observe everything... the space between the toes, coloring, extra toes, overlapping...Everything means something in your toes!
About Linda L.H. Smith:   Linda is a Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, (Tempe, AZ) Certified  MASTER ToeReader, certified by SWIHA Founder, K.C. Miller, author of, “Toe Reading- Are You Walking Your Destined Path?”   
Toe readings are enhanced by Linda’s training in Medical Intuitive studies with Caroline Sutherland, international Medical Intuitive, author and speaker, Caroline recommended Linda seek training from her Master teacher before she leaves the planet.
In January 2008 Linda began her indepth medical intuition studies with highly revered, internationally acclaimed spiritual leader, educator and author of “The Illuminated Mind”, June d’Estelle, Ph.D.  Linda has completed all levels of training through Mastership, with Dr. d’Estelle and her organization known as “The Alohem”. 
Dr. Doreen Virtue, founder of Angel Therapy ®, has trained and licensed Linda as one of her AngelTherapyPractitioners®. Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life.
Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels  and angels.
Linda gives presentations on fear management utilizing her training as a Certified Firewalk Instructor (Firewalk Institute of Research and Education). 
It is very common for Linda to walk on an 8 foot path of broken glass barefoot, demonstrating the power of our thoughts and faithful living.
Linda staffs Adult Seminars for families with teens in crisis and High Ropes Youth Leadership Camps where many processes are used to heal blockages to personal empowerment. 
 Linda incorporates this training in her Toe Readings when she feels the client would benefit.
Linda is one of the firstCertifiedHado Instructors in the United States, internationally lecturing on the research of “Messages in Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto and the I.H.M (International Hado Membership).  Linda is a colleague of Dr. Emoto’s and sits on his International Board at I.H.M.
Another blessing in Linda’s life is she frequently works with a very dear friend, Native American Elder, Gary Bibb (Potowatomi/Cherokee Traditional Healer) in group healing talks, workshops, corporate and church presentations, spiritual gatherings and private healing sessions for individuals and couples. 
Linda has had the privilege of years of private instruction with this Elder, as well as sitting around the Sacred Fires with him.  His elders have given him permission to share certain knowledge with Linda which she holds sacred and does not share without permission.
Linda is a mother and grandmother.
(Notice the orbs in her home when she's with her grandchildren and children.)
Her love for working with people shows in that she has been a Flight for over 30 years with Southwest Airlines.
Linda goes above, and beyond, in her Toe Readings, utilizing all of her spiritual experiences, gifts, and training, she is able to provide a unique and powerful venue for assisting her clients in healing and enhancing their lives.
It is my most revered pleasure to kneel before a soul, in God’s service, bringing Light, and Possibilities, to their Vision for a Purposeful,Powerful, and Joy- filled Life.
 For, this, I am ever so grateful to God for His works through me!”      Linda L.H.Smith
What does a Toe Reading Cost?
For charitable organizations I am willing to give Toe Readings for a Love Offering.  
 Pricing varies based on the situation.
It is very common for me to give a 15 minute reading for $20  
In a 30 minute reading I will include an angel reading for just $45. 
A 75 minute reading is $100.00
For senior citizens (age 65) $15.00 or barter.  If  you are in a nursing home no charge.
 College students I charge $15
 or  barter. 
Elders living the traditional ways of Native American, or First Nations, I charge nothing.
(I will be deeply grateful if Spirit moves them to share with me grain of their wisdom. )
I charge nothing to soldiers shipping out, or their loved ones.
 I offer FULL "Royal Readings" with Metaphysical Messages from the Body information,  name vibration, angel reading, toe reading, foot bath , sacred oils anointing and massage, a small gift, smudging (if the client does not have asthma or allergies to smudge) and sacred water sharing  for $133.00 
Prerequisite  for "Royal Reading" is an email from the client with a list of medical issues they wish to address during the session.  This reading takes 90 minutes usually, maybe a few minutes more.
When I am visiting another country I usually offer the metaphysical messages by email after I return to my office.
If you have special requests for your group, organization, or event, please feel free to contact me at my email address.  LetsAskLinda@yahoo.com or GotMyAnswers@LetsAskLinda.com  
I Love You, I Appreciate You and I Thank You
 for seeking peace and healing in your life which leads us into Global  and Universal Peace! 
God Bless You!
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